Cookie Policy

Last Updated: June 17, 2021
1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are files of small amounts of information that are placed to any internet enabled device, such as on your computer or smartphone, when you visit one of our websites. It helps us to recognize a visitor to our website(s), so we can create a smoother and more user-friendly experience. Examples include tracking the number of visitors to our website(s), allowing your computer to remember past purchases or providing you with useful links, such as recently viewed products.

2. Why Do We Use Cookies?

Ddrops Company uses cookies to collect information as described in this Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy. When you visit our websites and read our email or other communications, we want you to have the best experience possible.

Third party partners may also use cookies on our websites. The cookies we and our third party partners use collect information on how you use our websites, keep track of your preferences and to collect general usage data. Some cookies are collected by us and others are collected by our partners who are providing services on our behalf.

We use cookies to:

  • Enable you to receive a service on our website(s) that is requested by you.
  • Make our websites easier to use and to personalize your experience by remembering any preferences or choices you have previously made on a visit to our website(s). For example, this could include your language preferences. This helps speed up future activities and your experience on our website(s).
  • Monitor and improve our website(s) performance by understanding how many people are visiting our website(s) and their journey on our website(s), e.g., which pages are visited most often and if any error messages occur. This helps us determine where improvements may be needed on our site and better tailor our products, services, and content to users in general.
  • Deliver targeted advertising, both on our website(s) and on third party websites, that is more relevant to you and your interest, limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement, and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
3. Managing Your Cookie Preferences

Most internet devices have their cookies automatically turned on. You may choose to turn off your cookies (disable them) in your browser, however some aspects of the website(s) may not function optimally and may affect your experience on our website(s).

In the UK and the EU, websites must get consent to send cookies to your computer or mobile device unless the cookies are strictly necessary to provide services to you.

There are several ways to opt-out of interest-based advertising:

  • Some companies participate in a self-regulated program called AdChoices which is administered in Canada by The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) and in the U.S. by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). For more information for residents of Canada, visit the Canadian AdChoices Opt-Out Tool For more information for residents of the U.S., visit the U.S. AdChoices Opt-Out Tool. You may also opt-out of certain targeted online advertising by visiting,
  • You may also turn off cookies in each of your browser settings. Please consult the documentation for your web browser(s) or device regarding how to opt-out of cookies. You may also consult your “Help” menu on your internet device.

Opting out of cookies does not necessarily mean that you will receive less advertising, it just means that the advertising you receive will not be personalized.

To learn more about cookies, how they work and how to manage cookies please visit

In the United States:

In the United Kingdom:

4. The Types of Cookies We Use

As described in more detail above and below, we use cookies to provide you with an enriched online experience, measure our site performance and to personalize content and ads. We also state in the table whether a cookie is a “persistent” or “session” cookie. The difference is that:

Persistent Cookies – Persistent cookies are stored on your computer so that we can remember you and your preferences when you visit our website(s) in the future. These cookies will remain on your computer for six (6) months or until they are removed manually.

Session Cookies – These allow website operators to link the actions of a user during a browser session. A browser session starts when you open the website and finishes when you close the website window. Session cookies are created temporarily. Once you close the website, all session cookies are deleted.

We use types of cookies:

Essential/Strictly necessary

Essential/strictly necessary cookies enable core functionality of the website(s). Without these cookies the website(s) cannot function properly. They help to make a website usable by enabling basic functionality.


Analytics cookies collect information about how you use our websites so we can improve them for you in future. For example, they collect information on which pages you visit most often and any error messages you may get.

  • Google Analytics: we use Google Analytics to monitor our websites performance and check visitor activities to adapt our content based on their expectations.


Functionality cookies allow our website to remember choices you make such as your preferred language and country. [The “functionality” cookies on our website [only] collect anonymous information.


We and our service providers may use advertising cookies to deliver ads that we believe are relevant to you and your interests.

For example, we may use targeting or advertising cookies to customize the advertising and content you receive on our websites or third-party websites, to limit the number of times you see the same ad and to help measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

  • Facebook Pixel: we use Facebook pixel tracking to measure social media campaign efficiency related to the Facebook platform.
  • Google Adwords (conversion): we use Google Adwords cookies to customize the advertising and content you see for our website(s), limit the number of ads you see for our website(s), and measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.
  • Google Adwords (remarketing): we use Google Adwords remarketing cookies to collect data about your activities when you visit our websites, the website of entities who serve our ads (advertisers), or the website and online services where we display ads.

Google Adwords cookies may be used to customize the advertising and content you see on our websites. These cookies will be used to provide relevant Ads about our services and are intended to improve the customer experience across Ddrops websites. To learn more about how to opt out of Google’s use of Adwords cookies, visit the Google’s Ads Settings, here

We use the following cookies throughout our website(s):

Cookie Name Cookie Group Description
CookieLawInfoConsent Analytical
  • The cookie is used to store the summary of the consent given for cookie usage. It does not store any personal data.
  • Persistent
viewed_cookie_policy Essential
  • The cookie is used to store whether or not you have consented to the use of cookies. It does not store any personal data.
  • Persistent
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary Essential For cookie banner function: to confirm acceptance of the site visitor accepting the banner and to remove the cooked banner once accepted. Does not perform any tracking duties.
  • Persistent
Lang Essential
  • The cookie is used to direct the website to the country and language the use has selected
_ga Analytical
  • Google Analytics
  • Used to distinguish users.
_gid Analytical
  • Google Analytics
  • Used to distinguish users.
_gat Analytical
  • Google Analytics
  • Used to throttle request rate.
__utma Analytical
  • Google Analytics
  • Used to track visitor behaviour and measure site performance.
__utmz Analytical
  • Google Analytics
  • Used to track the traffic source or campaign that explains how you reached the Websites.
Google Ads Conversion Tracker Advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Used to show ads, to measure the performance of advertising campaigns, to serve and measure ads across different browsers and devices.
fr, _fbp Advertising
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Used to deliver more personalized ads.
5. Google Analytics

On our website(s), Ddrops Company uses third-party services, such as those of Google Analytics, to better understand how you are using our website(s). For example, we use these services to understand how many people visit our site, what pages are visited most often, how long you stay on our site and if any issues are encountered, such as an error message. We then use this information to help us improve the way our site works and to provide you with tailored and engaging content through media campaigns.

Based on the content you have engaged with on our websites Google are able to deliver some targeted adverts across other Google partner websites.

You can learn about Google’s practices by going to

You can stop the use of cookies including Google Analytics by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.

You can also stop the use of Google Analytics by clicking on the following link An opt-out cookie will be set on your computer or device which prevents the future use of this service when visiting our site.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page.

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